The Stereo Sisters

This is Jen. Unless otherwise specified, assume I am the narrator.

In 1972 1982 the world was rocked by the birth of my little sister. She would become the laughter and sunshine and can do no wrong person in our home. She would steal all of the attention from her introverted older sister (that would be me) and she would set in motion the perfect storm of disdain that would form (towards her)(from me).

I could go on and on about how she followed me around all the time and she could tell you about the time that we played hide and seek and I left the house (that one still cracks me up) but that’s normal sibling stuff so there’s not a lot to say until about 1992. Maybe. You’ll have to ask her, she’s better with the years. For me they are all a blur.

But I’d say that’s about when I started liking her. Like a lot. When we realized that no matter what happened in the world we would always have each other, and that no one else in the universe could possibly understand our unique life experience that was an amalgam of being raised on TV re-runs and classic rock. Losing a parent when we were way too young. Being raised “right” yet hosting the most typical 80s movie style parties regularly in the late 80s and early 90s and living to tell.

If I were a movie character or famous person I’d be Woody Allen with a dash of Sherlock Holmes. I think Danielle would be Diana Prince circa 1978. When she was little she practiced coming out of the pool like Lynda Carter.

Danielle at age 8

In 1998 we bought a house together. We had been hanging out with each other pretty much all the time since 95??? I don’t know, ask her. ANYWAY life was grand, we billed ourselves as Corsican Twins separated at birth, by two years. Funny, right? It seemed right.

Later we would get married and our husbands would look at us and shake their heads every time we spoke in unison, used the exact same inflection, and rare word choice and say “the stereo sisters again.” And so we were dubbed The Stereo Sisters.

I kinda wish I could take credit for that. I probably could and those guys wouldn’t even remember, but they deserve something right? I think it’s pretty hard to be married to us because…well, you’ll have to watch our videos to find out.

Meanwhile, THANKS! I am so glad you’re here!

This is what you can expect. Our new podcast is called Watch This Not That, it’s short and sweet (well not like we’re sweet girls because we’re not, just cause that’s the saying), we’re going to be talking about what movies and tv shows to watch or not watch and why.

We’re pretty opinionated, we got that from our Grandmother, so don’t try to convince us to watch something we don’t want to watch or we’ll tell you why. Well actually, that’s the point of the podcast so feel free to drop us a line and tell us to watch something.

We will also continue to create our Facebook Lives but thank you Corona, we haven’t had as many opportunities to do that. And don’t bother following our Instagram because we are lame at that.

And just so you know, despite our snarkiness, we are SUPER glad you’re here! (D a little more than me, I mean, I’m glad you’re here but you will like her big Lynda Carter smile more).

Anyway! Thanks!

Jen (and Danielle)