I’ll DVR You Hallmark Christmas Movies, But I Won’t Watch. Not Yet.

It is the heart of a very dark very gloomy fall day turning to night. Well, it might be, its so hard to tell because it is so. dang. dark.

My Hallmark Movies App has filled my calendar with all of the Christmas movies that started premiering last week. And I set my DVR.

I tried. I hit play on Chateau Christmas, starring one of my favorite leading Hallmark men, Luke Macfarlane (no relation to Seth), but about 20 minutes in, when the first plot twist was obviously delicious, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I mean yes. I was already wondering, who is it who’s going to be the one to leave when the other one wants to stay? Both Margot and Jackson are waiting for opportunities that will change their lives.

We are already set up to know there will be heartbreak. Will Jackson get the position of Music Department Chair? Will Margot be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to play somewhere exotic? And possibly have to leave the day of the Christmas Concert? (will she? I have no idea.)

One if them will surely think the other has been given the opportunity of a lifetime and the other is going to think that he/she will take it and the misunderstanding will cause a temporary heartbreak until it is cleared up and the other admits that while the opportunity is once in a lifetime, he/she is not going to take it because this Love is once in a lifetime and that’s more important?

Mind you I’ve only watched 20 minutes.

I didn’t stop because the comfort of the completely Hallmark obvious plot twist and the promise of a “happily ever after” bored me, but because I needed to tuck this little bit of Christmas joy away for when I will really need it.

Yes, the Christmas Premieres have started before Halloween, and that is a little bit ridiculous to some people. And I know there are people who think that the proper time to celebrate Christmas is in December. But I’ve spent the last 25 years listening to Christmas Music starting on November 1st

So of course, when I couldn’t bring myself to watch Chateau Christmas* I panicked. WHAT? Am I that depressed that I can’t even find joy in the obvious yet strangely compelling romantic plot?

No. Tis not so. I will cherish you oh Hallmark Christmas Movies. I am tucking you away in my DVR like a Christmas Present to be opened in Mid-November when the gloom of the endless gray cannot be lifted by anything but your predictable and comforting stories.

*and can I say whomever names these should get a bonus because, wow, to not duplicate one Christmas movie name is simply extraordinary.

p.s. We’re starting a new feature/podcast called Watch This Not That. We will feature everything you can watch, if it interests us, and we will tell you if you need to watch it too. Also, ALL the Hallmark Movies, because duh.